Carolyn Tanks

  • 0488103000

Carolyn excels in her desire to work directly with clients, aiding and assisting them in meeting all their desired requirements, goals and objectives.

I am the Client Service Manager, my role is to assist Sara behind the scenes. That includes helping ensure Sara’s recommendations are put into place on your behalf, keeping everything up to date, and general enquiries. if you need to update our records, want to see where the implementation of our advice is up to, or want some help with one of the products we have recommended, I’m the one to speak to.

I am a high believer in preparation which means I am a list person. The best part of my work is ticking things off the list and making sure everyone in the team has their lists in order. If something needs doing, I’m the one on it to get it done.

I have worked in finance for 17 years within in a range of a Personal Banker role, and have been part of the Financial Horizons team since 2009.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family and friends.